Veridis Solutions Inc.

The mission of Veridis Solutions is to provide innovative approaches to energy management of buildings that combine savings, environmental responsibility and comfort. For these purposes, Veridis Solutions offers:

  • Certification services for building envelope products

  • Specialized consulting services to achieve highly energy efficient building envelopes
  • Research and development services in the field of energy and heat transfer in buildings

Veridis Solutions was founded in 2012 following an entrepreneurial project that began in 2008 within the academic community of the University Laval. Accompanied from the beginning by Entrepreunariat Laval, the founding team of Veridis Solutions, composed of Jean-Michel Dussault, Jonathan Vitrano and Michael Cain-Skaff has developed a strong and relevant company. Veridis Solutions Inc. won several awards in recent years: 

  • Finalist of the 2008 edition of Concours Étincelle organized by Quebec International
  • Faculty winner of the 2008 edition of Le Concours d’idée of Laval University organized by Entrepreneuriat Laval
  • Third prize winner of the 2011 edition of the prestigious Bourse Pierre-Peladeau given by Quebecor
  • Winner of the best socially responsible approach of the 2011 contest Devtech 50 organized by Quebec International
  • Recipient of the Award for Excellence in Research and Development in 2012 awarded by the Order of Engineers of Quebec
  • Local and regional winners of the 2012 edition of the contest Concours Québécois en Entrepreneuriat organized by the CQE

Location :                                                           
2828 boulevard Laurier                 
Suite 700                         
G1V 0B9 Québec 

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Whether it is for design or implementation of an innovative project regarding energy management of buildings, Veridis Solutions’ team of experts is at your service to answer your questions and discuss further potential opportunities. Contact us today.

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